What are natural flavors? What are they made of? And why do you use them?

Our Yuzu Berry flavor is comprised of the following ingredients: silica, Arabic gum, and naturally derived vegan flavor compounds. Silica and Arabic gum make up 92% of the total flavor ingredients (88% Arabic gum and 4% silica). Lemon oil makes up another ~5% of the total flavor ingredients. The remaining ~3% balance of flavor ingredients comprises of flavor compounds extracted from Yuzu, raspberry, and other natural and vegan sources that make up the rest of the 'flavor' you taste. "Other natural flavors" include the lemon oil mentioned above. As lemon is neither Yuzu nor Berry, we are required by the FDA to list lemon oil and the other flavor compounds used as "other natural flavors."

Our flavor is made such that flavor compounds are sprayed onto the silica and Arabic gum (acacia) so they can become a powder. Note: Silica and acacia are both natural ingredients with notable health benefits. Acacia has a long history of functional use dating back to the ancient Egyptians and aboriginal Australians. Silica has beneficial properties for skin health. Note: Our natural flavor will be certified organic by May 2022. This means 95% or more of the components in the flavor ingredient is organic. The organic version of our Yuzu Berry flavor is identical in composition to our existing flavor. The reason it is not currently organic is because of the long lead times for creating this fresh and delicate flavor that no one has used before.

Why do we use organic natural flavors?

  1. The amount of actual flavor compound used in our product is extremely small and the components in it are natural and pure.
  2. It's far more likely we will consume something good tasting and healthy than something bad tasting and healthy.
  3. Natural flavors (even if not organic) are prevalent in healthful products from prebiotic sodas to the highest quality and cleanest gummy supplements and have been safely consumed by large cohorts of people over long periods.
  4. Even though our organic flavor is 10x the cost of a natural flavor and identical in composition, we have chosen to use organic because it is the absolute best, highest quality, and the purest form that exists - this has been our modus operandi from day 1.

As the undisputed experts in the purest plant extracts and pioneers of Tea Crystals, we inherently know that some plants'flavors are impossible to extract in their full spectrum forms and need to be formulated using a combination of compounds from different plants. Berries are a prime example of this. This sweet and floral notes of a citrus are also difficult to capture as a whole. We are ever dedicated to the pursuit of the highest purity in our products and continue to research and develop full-spectrum, whole food solutions where possible and practical. In the case of B•Tox Fountain, the benefits of using organic natural flavors far outweigh any cons. With all this said, whether from a sugar, additives or flavor point of view, B•Tox Fountain is by far the highest quality and purest electrolyte in existence.

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