How much caffeine is in your products?

Updated by Grace Kuhlmann

Here is a list of all of our products and their corresponding caffeine levels:

Nandaka: 82mg

Pu'er Green Tea: 41-61mg

Pu'er Black Tea: 58-87mg

Sun Goddess Matcha: 54-82mg

Matcha Green Fasting Tea: 48-72mg

Miss Grey Black Tea: 38-57mg

Breakfast Black Tea: 37-56mg

White Peony Tea: 34-52mg

Jasmine Green Tea: 34-50mg

Ginger Green Fasting Tea: 33-49mg

Sacred Lily Oolong Tea: 33-49mg

Bergamot Black Fasting Tea: 30-45mg

Mint Sencha Green Tea: 22-33mg

Passion Fruit Green Tea: 25-37mg

Japanese Sencha Green Tea: 27-41mg

Peach Ginger Black Tea: 34mg

Holi Hoji: 13mg

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