Are your products gluten-free?

Yes! All of our teas are made without gluten. However, they may be processed in a facility that may also process gluten-containing ingredients. 

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States, EU regulation, and the Codex Alimentarius Commission (international standard), all define gluten-free as "the allowable level of gluten detectable to 20 ppm". A specific extraction and purification process allows for the total elimination of gluten and provides a 100% lipid extract (i.e. no residual proteins). Each batch is tested using the Riadquick gliadin kit with a limit detection of 2.5 ppm. As an additional layer of security, an independent and accredited laboratory provides an external control, using the ELISA method with a limit of detection of 3 ppm.

All gluten quantifications in the ceramides of B•T Fountain Beauty Electrolyte have shown results lower than 3 ppm.

However, as each individual is unique with different needs, we highly recommend that all concerned individuals talk to their doctor or health provider before consuming our products for their personal health and unique conditions.

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