Are Pique teas Sustainably Sourced?

All of our teas are sustainably sourced, USDA Organic Certified, and Triple Toxin Screened. 

They are sourced from the highest quality family farms from all over the world, including the United States, China, Japan, Egypt, India, Sri Lanka, America, Italy and Germany.

Our Sun Goddess Matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, at the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago, next to Japan's first national park and neighbor to the famous Blue Zone, Okinawa.

Our Fermented Pu'er Tea is sourced from wild growing tea trees in a primordial forest in Yunnan Province at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range.

Our Jasmine Green Tea is from a family-owned tea garden situated inside the Mogan Mountain National park in Zhejiang Province above 2000 ft elevation.

Our black teas are from Idulgashinna, a biodynamic tea estate in the Uva region of Sri Lanka, and from Northeast India near the Namdapha National Park.

These are amongst the world's greatest and most protected sources of biodiversity.

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