"Fasting" Vs. "Fasting Friendly" Teas

Aside from our TCM Elixirs (Chaga Energy Elixir and Reishi Calm Elixir) and Electric Turmeric 2 tea, all of our teas are calorie-free and will not break your fast. In other words, you can consume them during your fasting window safely, which is one of their best qualities for supporting fasting goals.

Our Fasting Teas (Ginger Fasting GreenMatcha Fasting GreenBergamot Fasting Black, and Cinnamon Fasting Herbal) are especially helpful here since they were formulated with Dr. Jason Fung and are designed to support your fasting experience. They are a blend of the highest-catechin containing organic green teas and a variety of organic plants, roots, and herbs specifically chosen to support your fast and enhance the health benefits (including supporting your gut health, promoting satiety, and regulating your digestion) while also making the process easier for you.

Our "fasting friendly" teas (all other teas except the TCM Elixirs and Electric Turmeric Tea) are still safe to consume during your fasting window.

We recommend checking out our blog for extra insight, especially our post here: The Beginner's Guide To Intermittent Fasting.

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