What are your fasting teas and how will they help me?

We offer 4 specifically formulated fasting teas: Ginger Fasting GreenMatcha Fasting GreenBergamot Fasting Black, and Cinnamon Fasting Herbal. These were all developed in collaboration with Dr. Jason Fung, the world's leading fasting expert and bestselling author, to support your intermittent fasts.

The Ginger Fasting Green Tea features Traditional Chinese Medicine botanicals like ginger, licorice root, citrus, and mint, which have been used for centuries to support satiety, digestion and gut health. We have blended them with green tea crystals to further enhance satiety and digestive health.

Our Matcha Fasting Green Tea contains a vibrant blend of green Sencha tea crystals and matcha green tea. With notes of ocean and fresh-cut grass, this tea is a clean, refreshing, catechin powerhouse.

The Cinnamon Fasting Herbal Tea is a unique, hand-picked blend of super-plants from both Eastern and Western herbalism. It helps to increase satiety and support a calm state of mind so you can tackle fasting with ease!

Our Bergamot Fasting Black Tea is composed of a high-quality blend of black tea and whole ground bergamot from Calabria, Italy.  We've intentionally formulated our Bergamot Fasting Tea to taste bitter with the use of whole-ground Bergamot Orange rind, the most bitter part of the fruit. Bitter foods are beneficial because they activate our bitter taste receptors located on our tongue and throughout our digestive system. When activated, these receptors have been shown to help manage cravings, increase satiety, aid digestion, and support healthy blood sugar levels.

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