Amazon: Purchases, Policies & FAQs

  1. Do you sell teas on Amazon?

We do! We sell our products on Amazon from the seller account "PIQUE". 

  1. Do you ship Prime? 

We do! 

  1. Do your website policies apply on Amazon? 

Our main store's return and shipping policies and deals do not apply to Amazon orders. Amazon's policies and services are separate from ours, which can be accommodated through Amazon Customer Service. If you're unable to be helped through Amazon directly, contact our team at for further assistance. 

  1. What About Amazon Purchases Not From "PIQUE" (Third Party Sellers)? 

Unfortunately, we are not responsible for purchases, services, or returns made by a seller on Amazon outside of our own. These teas are sold to unknown Third Party Sellers, and we cannot account for their shipping reliability, quality control procedures on our products, or satisfaction services. We cannot fulfill refunds or returns from Third Party Sellers, which need to be handled directly with the seller who has acquired your funds from your purchase.

  1. Can I return my teas from an Amazon purchase?

Since Amazon is a third-party seller, returns and refunds with Amazon are requested and issued directly through Amazon. If you're unable to complete these actions through Amazon, contact our team to help assist with the details of your situation. 



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