Which Pique Teas Do You Sell In Stores?

At this time, Pique is currently carried at Erewhon and Goop. 

Stores that sell our products, such as HEB, are third-party sellers. In other words, they have full control of when (and where) they sell Pique teas on their shelves. In some cases, certain stores have a delayed update on their out-of-stock items. Because of this, we highly recommend calling your store and asking them if they have your desired teas in stock.

Erewhon locations currently carry our Sun Goddess Matcha and our Pu'er Teas. 

Goop currently carries our Sun Goddess Matcha. 

All of our specialty flavors and supplements, such as our TCM Mushroom Elixirs, Fasting Teas, Pu'er, and Sun Goddess Matcha, are scarce in supply and can otherwise be purchased on our site at https://www.piquelife.com/.

If you wish to purchase products through our website, we offer a 30-Day Happiness Guarantee on your teas, along with free domestic shipping on orders $100+ in purchase value.

For all other questions, please message us at care@piquelife.com.


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