Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea -- Mixing Issues and Sediment

One way you can tell our Cinnamon Herbal Tea is made with real cinnamon is because real cinnamon actually does not dissolve in water! If you are experiencing mixing issues, please know it is natural to experience some natural sediment, which becomes more noticeable over time as it settles and cools. We recommend allowing the sediment from whole ground plants to settle before drinking and discard the remnants at the bottom of the cup.

The presence of sediment at the bottom of your cup doesn't mean you haven't gotten the active ingredients of the plants in your brew. As a test, try adding hot water and brewing the sediment again, you will find that it no longer has any flavor. Our plants are micro-ground to a tiny particulate size so infusing them in hot water, even briefly, ensures all active ingredients are steeped out. Just like you wouldn’t consume tea leaves or the contents of teabags, there is no need to consume the sediment at the bottom of your cup and we recommend against doing so as it can be quite grainy and unpleasant due to the presence of roots, bark and other fibrous plant material.

Of course, if you are unsatisfied with these properties, you may make a return for a refund anytime within 90 days through our Returns Center.


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