Triple Toxin Screening: What It Is, How It's Done, & Who Does It?


Our raw materials and products go through 3 layers of Triple Toxin Screening for Pesticides, Toxic Mold and Heavy Metals.

The First screen is conducted on raw materials using a third party lab.

The Second screen is conducted internally after raw materials have been procured.

The Third screen is conducted after Tea Crystals have been extracted using a third party lab.

Heavy Metals We Screen For

These include Lead(Pb), Cadmium(Cd), Mercury (Hg), and Arsenic(As).

Our Sun Goddess Matcha is our only Quadruple Toxin Screened product, which in addition to the above items, is also screened for radioactive isotopes. 


Toxic Mold We Screen For

We screen for mycotoxins commonly found in teas. Namely:

  1. Aflatoxin B1
  2. Aflatoxin B2
  3. Aflatoxin G1
  4. Aflatoxin G2
  5. Ochratoxin A (OTA)


Pesticides We Screen For

We screen for all pesticides prohibited by the USDA for organic compliance. Many of our blends are screened to an even more stringent EU (European) or JAS (Japanese) organic standard. 


Testing Lab

For our screening, Pique uses an internationally renowned third-party lab based in China that has operations around the globe and specializes in teas and plants. 

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