Why are Pique products more expensive than others in the market?

We’re sorry if our products are not at the most comfortable price point for everyone. Our products are designed with a simple premise: If we can’t produce the absolute ‘best’ version of something, we have no business doing it. The reason our products are costly is that we select only the best in the following 4 parameters:

  1. The panel of experts we consult in the lengthy and rigorous R&D process for every product we launch – whether it’s dietitians, MDs, farmers, tea-masters, traditional Chinese or Ayurvedic doctors, biochemists, beauticians, or health experts, our cutting-edge formulations are at the intersection of science and nature. Pique invented the patented Cold Extraction Technology and pioneered the Tea Crystal category. The future of wellness is crafted from nature, refined by artisans, and perfected by science.
  2. The highest-quality version of every single input and ingredient within each product – a) organic ingredients that cost up to 10x more than conventional versions (wild-harvested 250-year-old Pu’er tea that uses only baby tips, black European elderberry, yuzu peach flavor, ceramic ground organic ceremonial grade matcha…). b) Best-in-class suppliers who produce ingredients where cost is not a concern (highly absorbable mineral chelates in electrolytes vs citric acid based versions, liposomes made with non-GMO sunflower vs soy, mushroom extracts from fruiting bodies vs stems, Himalayan pink salt containing trace minerals vs regular salt, the list goes on…). Quality makes every difference in the efficacy of a health product. At Pique, we strive for the absolute highest quality attainable. It’s what our mind, body, and soul deserve.
  3. Extensive screening for contaminants and toxins from heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold, and (in our products from Japan) radioactive isotopes. This ensures that the daily rituals you adopt from Pique are clean, pure, and safe for daily consumption – the only way to derive sustained health benefits from natural products.
  4. Finally, delivering the product to you in a format (electrolyte, liposome, Tea Crystal), and packaging that delivers delicious flavor and also maximizes the product’s bioactivity, absorbability, and ease of use. This significantly increases the efficacy and simplicity with which you can adopt Pique as part of your wellness routine. We provide unparalleled product innovation so you can radiate with authentic beauty and unleash our collective potential.

Our higher prices reflect these higher costs for quality and innovation. Of course, trying our products is always risk-free since we have a 100% happiness guarantee. If you don't enjoy the teas you purchase, our team will always be happy to assist you with a return and provide you with a full refund. Simply email us at care@piquelife.com. 

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