Electric Turmeric

In Electric Turmeric, the transformative potential of superior Okinawan turmeric is magnified twofold: first through fermentation and again through masterful blending. As it has been done for thousands of years of traditional Ayurveda.

Warming ginger root and cinnamon bark work synergistically with concentrated curcumin to supercharge your health and make your taste buds tingle.


Fermented Okinawan Turmeric: higher bioavailability, smoother flavor and more essential oils.

Spring Okinawan Turmeric: rarest and most valuable with the highest curcumin concentration. Highly delicate in flavor.

Turmeric Juice Extract: full spectrum, aqueous extract of Indian turmeric for maximum absorption.

Organic ginger and ceylon cinnamon: warming roots and tree bark for enhanced benefits and delicious flavor. 

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